DeZURIK – Plug Valves, AWWA Butterfly Valves, 3-4 Way Valves, Knife Gate Valves, VPort & AWWA Metal Seated Ball Valves, Control Valves, Manual & Pneumatic Actuators.

APCO – Check Valves, Air-Release Valves, Rubber Flapper Valves, Surge Relief Valves.

Fabricated Valves, bonneted/bonnetless Knife Gate Valves, Cone Valves, Hydraulic Power Unit, Specialty Valves.

Waterman – Complete line of Cast Iron & Stainless Steel Slide Gate, Canal gate, Radial gate, Flap gate & stop logs.

AUMA Electric Motor Actuators – Gear boxes, Controls, SIPOS continuous duty electric actuators.

Kinetrol – Rotary Vane Type Pneumatic Actuators, Positioner, Spring Return, Manual Over-rides, Solenoid, Limit Switch.

General Rubber Corporation – Expansion Joints, Pinch Valves.

American BOA Inc. – Metal Expansion Joints.

Aunspach Controls Company – Over-Torque Protector for manual or automatic products.

S.P.Kinney – Automatic Self-cleaning Strainers.

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